Few Montana pastimes enjoy a richer, more storied tradition than hunting. From our fur-trapping forbears to the many native tribes who chased bison across the prairie, the pursuit of wild game has shaped our state’s character from the beginning. Even today, the great story of hunting is told and re-told, as elk-obsessed locals share the woods with wide-eyed nonresidents awestruck by the grandeur of the Montana landscape. Hunting reflects both our heritage and our contemporary lifestyle, and is therefore an important element of who we are as a people.

But like many traditional activities, hunting faces challenges in the modern world. Foremost among them are the social and technological changes that often distance hunters from their prey and from the intimate nature of the hunting experience. This separation can ultimately degrade the thoughtfulness and careful consideration that ensures responsible, ethical conduct while afield.

In light of recent poaching incidents, “flock-shooting” fiascos, and other unfortunate events—not to mention the unfavorable news reports that followed—the need for higher ethical-hunting standards has become paramount. The Region 3 Citizen’s Advisory Committee for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks , with the support of a wide range of partners who care about hunter ethics and the future of hunting in Montana, have undertaken a multifaceted hunter ethics campaign to promote greater awareness and practice of ethical hunter behavior.

The future of hunting depends on social acceptance, and non-hunters, who make up the majority of the population, won't tolerate unethical hunting behavior for long. Help us promote a positive image of hunting, and thus ensure that future generations enjoy the same pastime we do today.

Hunt Right. For yourself. For Montana. For the future.


The Hunt Right campaign will improve hunter ethics in Montana by educating the public and reinforcing established codes of conduct while hunting.



Improved awareness of good behavior and responsible decision-making among hunters, non-hunters, and landowners; increased value placed on ethical hunting; and an increased adherence to ethical standards.


Hunt Right is a hunter-ethics campaign conceived of and executed by the Region 3 Citizen's Advisory Committee for MT FWP. The R3 CAC is a volunteer assembly of community members; Hunt Right is an independent project endorsed by MT FWP.

"Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what's right." —Teddy Roosevelt